A free rescue service for local independent retailers who could use some help.

Why ShopRescue?

Recently, Promoboxx heard the story of a local retailer, put in an uncomfortable position by someone who didn’t believe in helping local retailers. So, we decided to stop by, buy some stuff, and just let them know we cared. The store was thankful, the Promoboxx team loved it and the public reaction was amazing, so it inspired us to do more. Enter ShopRescue.

Who is ShopRescue for?

Local independent retailers who could use a bit of a pick up. We’re looking for good stories with the following criteria:

How often will Promoboxx do a Rescue?

We’ll start by choosing one shop a month, and then feature them on our blog.

What we can provide:

What’s in it for Promoboxx?

Just the satisfaction of seeing more local retailers thrive. We work with some of the biggest brands in the world – supporting independent retailers, but there’s a group of retailers out there who we don’t get to help.

Submit Your Story Today!

Submit your story, or on behalf of a retailer you know.

Don't like filling out forms? Simply send us an email at shoprescue@promoboxx.com and let's get to work!